Since all of the Mix and Jam projects have open access to their source files – a lot of people started making their own modifications, and as a way to extend the community learning intent of the channel, we’ve started Mix and Jam PLUS!

With PLUS we’re gathering articles submitted by any interested users explaining the process and steps behind their modifications!

To submit a post to Mix and Jam PLUS:

1) Submit your post to a moderator in the Mix And Jam Discord Server for review. This can be in any format, such as markdown, text, or a private post on your own blog. Note that Mix and Jam wants to host the content to ensure that it is always available. If you want to host the content as well, please provide a hyperlink to your content that will be linked in the post.

2) If you wish to submit code to any Mix and Jam GitHub repository:

a) Create a fork of the source repository on GitHub so that you can make commits and push to the forked repository

b) Ask a moderator to make a branch for you with a name that covers your topic, such as ai or multiplayer

c) If the branch already exists, you may be asked to work in the existing branch instead. In this case, make a scene for yourself that is clearly named for your content.

d) Create a pull request on the source repository, and select your forked content for the pull request. Submit this for approval. When approved, the changes will be promoted to the source repository